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I'm a songwriter and performer, model and extra.

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I’ve signed off on the master for my new album! I finished the album in July 2012, so it’s marvellous to have it all slick-sounding ready for release by Antigen within the next couple of months. Just the two Eccentronic shows at the Brighton Fringe to get out of the way first. (
Bob Humid at Fat Of Excellence (Cologne) was doing the business to my, er, jams. (

As a bit of extra fun, I’ve been toying with a tablet drawing gizmo. The first is inspired by an image I saw by Sue Morgan ( It’s called “Low-Hanging Cloud”.

A less-successful image is “Snow Suicide”.

These were a bit bleak, so I thought I’d give both characters happy endings. Hence “Carried Away”.

And, er… I couldn’t think of anything much for the snowman, so I decided there was actually a bird under his hat. 

Someone suggested that the hair-drier could have been set on ‘cold’ which would have been even better.

A track I’ve been performing live since it was recorded in 1998 but hasn’t had an official release. A bit of a cheat, since the purpose of the SOTM project was to get me doing more writing. It is in March, though, as I’m writing this at 23:43 on the 31st. And I have been writing too, mainly for the Eccentronic Fringe shows in May (two shows! Argh!). And I’ve even done a remix I’m very proud of for a trendy East London label. Stay tuned… 


"The 1999 relaunch for the cult 70s show The Nowhere People delighted fans and bemused many critics. One reviewer described it as ‘Sapphire And Steel meets Pets Wins Prizes… which is a good thing’. The quirky atmosphere was maintained with a glossy CGI update; the catchy theme underwent a similar process.”
- The Nowhere Periodical



While I was writing this piece, it put me in mind of the ITC serials of the 1970s. Y’know, The Champions, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), The Persuaders and so on. One can only imagine what the show would have been like…


Of course, by the time I finished it, it sounded nothing like that. So don’t let me guide your visualisations for this piece. Perhaps, with Valentine’s Day so close, you’d even like to picture it performed in a Left Bank cafe, presumably by an IDM laptop group with roses in their mouths. Who knows? Or maybe you’re sensible and have no intention of indulging me.

I may re-work this with lyrics one day, actually. It’s a bit more sample-tastic than usual, but I rather like it. And who knows? Maybe The Nowhere People are due a revival…

Finally! Now all I need is a Wikipedia page (or at least a disambiguation page about John O’Callaghan) and I’m finally living in the future.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dear John.. I was very happy to see that i could find your lyrics on this blog. But there's not the lyrics of "You've got your memories, i've got my dreams" i'm seeking for. Is it plan to put it on the blog maybe ? Takk Fyrir .. Claude, from Reykjavik
johncallaghan johncallaghan Said:

Thanks for the interest, Claude! I’ve put those lyrics (freshly-typed from memory) on the Lyrics page now.

The inspiration for the song title (if not necessarily the subject matter) can be found in Ray Bradbury’s short story “Kaleidoscope”, by the way. This tale also found its way into film Dark Star.

I’ve decided to upload a new song every month. Who knows? They might be even more frequent…

(Photo: Simon Topp)


This started as another track for the Wife In Space blog (, hence the Doctor Who quotes. I re-wrote it to perform at Ipswich’s Pulse Festival last year and have only today polished it off. There can’t be many songs with the word ‘anserine’ in them. 


An amusing behind-the-scenes anecdote? Er… Let’s see. I’m wearing two T-shirts under the polo neck because it was a cold morning and I looked like I was smuggling two small etheric beam locators up my jumper. How’s that?

More sensible music is on the way. I have a video idea using a conveyor belt and for a couple of years I’ve been hoarding shoe-boxes and vitamin tablet tubes in an effort to construct one myself. It’s not working but stay tuned. At least I’m getting my vitamins.

Shamus Young, of, has been developing a computer game called Good Robot. He asked for submissions for the music, with a Descent feel. How could I resist?

I’ve been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

On the second night here, I crept into my small bedroom at 4:45am (after editing a video to promote the show) and managed to puncture my inflatable bed with the door. I tried sleeping on it for a while (“I can sleep through this!” Pshshhsh. “I can sleep through this!”) but now every day I add some more Sellotape and rubber glue to try and staunch the air haemorrhage. By the time I leave, I’ll be sleeping on a six-foot Sellotape cocoon and doubtless will emerge as some kind of butterfly creature.

So at this point, my inflatable bed is sagging but doesn’t completely deflate. I know how it feels. 

I have actually managed to get into the rhythm of the Fringe. I was even at an award ceremony last night. Someone spilt a pint of beer over me, so I did at least come home smelling like a drunk. Rawk.



I’ve only seen a few shows as I’m uncharacteristically busy. I was supposed to see Deathship 666 (“Airplane meets Titanic!”) this morning but I couldn’t get in because, appropriately, it was rammed.

But I have seen: 

Tomas Ford (like the Phantom Of The Opera if he made electroclash industrial techno cabaret. Highly recommended.)

Die Roten Punkte (clownish punk and tight songs)

Mr.B (slick, smooth and charming; well-written chap-hop)

Jennifer Wong (amiable punster)

Sex With Animals (charismatic leonine discussion of the reproductive habits of Ryan Good of San Fransisco)

Rob Lloyd: Who, Me? (theatrical monologue about Dr. Who’s influence. Rob not only looks like David Tennant, he also looks like Tomas Ford)

A Brief History Of Beer (intoxicating and educational romp)

Eric Hutton (experly delivered vocal journey through imaginary musical genres)

Hiroshi Shizumi - Locky (you can see him in this Eccentronic video):

I Need A Doctor: The Whosical (wonderfully ramshackle and delivered with witty gusto - much like the show that inspired them)

Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra  - Paul Vickers (soon to be in an Eccentronic video too. Watch this space.)

Kriss Foster And Friend (Lorraine Bowen meets Tim Ten Yen meets John Shuttleworth meets Brett Domino Trio meets, well, me, I suppose. Great stuff.)

Tom Binns Does Ivan Brackenbury (spoof hospital radio. Breathless, witty, densely packed and skillfully delivered)

And I saw a bit of Massive Horse, and they’re ace too.